G&C Logistics prides itself for providing a long list of diverse and quality services under one roof, each complementing one another. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff make sure that all your expectations are met. So, whether you are looking to handle a single shipment or numerous shipments, we can be your solution.

G&C is a full-service licensed Customs Broker and worldwide Freight Forwarder. Our Head office is located in Mississauga near Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario and has easy access to major rail and container terminals.

Our Certified Customs Specialists can clear shipments at all ports in Canada, whether it be by air, ground, ocean or rail. We are consistently upgrading our technology to bring systems to our clients to help streamline the process for importing goods into Canada. Our Customs specialists are continuously learning and upgrading their knowledge to ensure that you are compliant and at low risk for Administrative Monetary Penalty Systems (AMPS) penalties. G&C Logistics can coordinate customs clearance for your import shipments quickly, reliably and accurately anywhere in Canada.

We understand that every business has unique requirements and that is why our experts are trained to recognize your needs and will develop a system to clear your goods in a timely cost-effective manner, making sure your business meets all the custom clearance and trade compliance requirements. Reach out to us to get a quotation.

G&C Logistics are proud corporate members of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers, an organization established to maintain a high level of training and competence within its members.

  • Customs Clearance for all mode of transportation (Air, Truck, Ocean, Rail)
  • Canada wide clearance at all ports of entry.
  • Track and trace shipments
  • Assistance in applying for permits/licenses
  • Assistance in applying for non-residence importer (NRI) status.
  • Filing export declarations (CERS)
  • Apply for temporary import permits (E29B)
  • Trade Agreement assistance
  • Commodity Specific experts
  • Post Audit compliance services – Blanket B2s, refunds and drawbacks for duty recovery
  • Electronic filing, billing and record keeping
At G&C Logistics, our in-house fleet ensures that your shipments will be handled safely, efficiently, cost effectively and on time. All our drivers are rigorously trained to comply with all safety standards and provide you the best possible service. With easy access to the rail and container terminals in Toronto, we can also provide our in-house trucking services, allowing you to get your goods more efficiently. Check out our in-house Transportation services:


We can pickup, deliver and return containers from any port and location in Ontario and Quebec. Our chassis
can haul 20’, 40’ and 45’ containers with ease and can compliment your intermodal needs.


Having easy access to the major ports, rail and container terminals we can efficiently ship or pickup your
freight. Your goods are in great hands with G&C Logistics.

Canada and US Bonded Carrier

We can bring your goods past the port of entry into Canada or the US without a customs release but still adhering
to customs protocol; helping you avoid long lines at the border and expediting the shipping process.

Flat Bed Service

We specialize in flatbed transportation and have a range of multi-axle trailers to handle loads up 40 tons. Our
drivers are experienced in handling steel coils, bars, extrusions, machinery and more. If you need it, we can
provide it!

Our services are also complimented by our warehouse facility. Our warehouse is equipped to handle heavy loads, whether it is loading or offloading. We are strategically located in the Greater Toronto Area with easy access to all 400-series highways, Toronto International Airport (Pearson), ship, rail and container terminals. No matter your location in North America, we can find a warehousing solution that works for you! Let G&C Logistics assist you in providing a program that best fits your warehouse and distribution needs.

We specialize in loading over-sized goods. Our experienced warehouse team can handle heavy metals, molds/dies, vehicles (personal/ forestry or agricultural), yachts, paper, plywood, tiles, and freight of all kinds with the help of our heavy-duty equipment. Using our in-house fleet of trucks (including multi-axle flatbeds), we can seamlessly arrange shipment pickups and deliveries for you.
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Consolidation, deconsolidations
  • Order processing
  • Cross-docking
  • Short-term storage

Whether it is air, ocean or rail shipment, Full or Less Than Container Load (LCL), we at G&C Logistics can help you arrange your shipments. Using our extensive network of agents spread across the world, we can help you optimize costs between freight rate and transit times. Our staff works as a single point of contact for all your freight forwarding needs, so that you don’t have to spend your time organizing different stages of your shipment.

We have the experience to help arrange and manage the freight-forwarding, consolidation, deconsolidation and distribution of your goods worldwide. Our network of contacts allows us to provide competitive and fair pricing. We can work with your suppliers to ensure smooth freight recovery and dispatch.

Ocean Freight

G&C is a trusted and dependable partner for international ocean freight forwarding by its valued clients. Through our global transportation network and overseas logistics partners, we ship a vast range of commodities. We offer charters for very large or speciality cargo, and much more.

Road Freight

For cost-effective transport of large shipments by road. Whether you choose a dedicated vehicle for point-to-point transport or groupage, you have the option of collection from multiple locations for consolidation and onward delivery. Nearly all items of cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along the world’s roads.

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